Project Title: Diamond Studio Unisex Salon Website Design (

Client: Diamond Studio, Nepal

Project Duration: 1 Months

Diamond Studio Unisex Salon


Diamond Studio Unisex Salon, a premium salon and spa located in Kathmandu, approached Mero Labs to develop a new website. The salon aims to create an online presence that not only showcases a wide range of beauty services, but also provides a seamless booking experience for customers.


  • Limited online presence: The salon previously had no online presence, making it difficult to attract new customers in the digital age.
  • Reservation system: The client needed a sophisticated reservation system that would allow customers to easily schedule appointments.
  • Visual Request: The website should reflect the brand identity of the salon and the feel of its physical location.


  • Website Development: Mero Lab’s web development team designed and built a modern and responsive website for the unisex salon Diamond Studio.
  • Reservation System: We have integrated an advanced reservation system that allows our customers to book online for various services.
  • Design Elements: The website uses visual elements and images to capture the essence of luxury and relaxation of the salon.


The Diamond Studio Unisex Salon website project delivered the following outcomes:

  • Increased visibility: The salon increased its online visibility and attracted new customers from the web.
  • Simple Operation: Our online booking system makes scheduling appointments simple for both clients and salon staff.
  • Positive User Experience: Visitors found the website easy to navigate and visually appealing, which helped increase engagement.


Mero Lab’s web development expertise has enabled Unisex Diamond Studio to develop a strong online presence, strengthen its customer base and improve operational efficiency. The website serves as a valuable tool for attracting new customers and providing first-class service to existing customers.

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